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The above product pictures are actually made by our company and just for your reference only!

We can make all kinds of color mixed,material mixed plastic co-extrusion diffuser,for example:
ABS mixed with PC extrusion,transparent mixed with milky color plastic extrusion and more three different color mixed together to extrue one product.
Regarding to the shape of the tubes,there is both simple one and complicate one,Circular, semi-circular, square, oval, stripe-shaped,etc.
What’s more,we can also produce hard and soft co-extrusion, which is two kinds of different hardness material mixed together extrusion.

All the customers are welcome to come to customize with the drawings or samples.

Product Detail

Product Tags

  1. High transmittance: more than 84% (transparent cover),85-92%(Milky/frost cover)
  2. 92% (stripe cover) and 75%(pure milky cover)
  3. Different transmittance and shades of different colors can be customized according to customer requirements.
  4. Anti-UV, not easy to turn yellow or burst for a long time.
  5. High weather resistance: withstand low temperature of-30℃ Celsius, and withstand 120-130℃Celsius height temperature.
  6. Good flexibility: strong impact resistance and not easy to deform.
  7. Material certification: SGS detection report(RoHS), UL yellow card, etc.
  8. Appearance: product high finish, no black spots, no pull marks, no water wave, qualified rate of more than 95%.
  9. Material guarantee: Japanese Teijin, Mitsubishi, Bayer and other brand new PC materials.
  10. Packing: protecting film will be stick on when processing to prevent surface scratch.
  11. Fire-protection rating: UL 94-V2 (94-V0 is available according to customer requirements)
  12. Variety of styles,with more than 200 different specifications products.

*Main Application:

Used for all kinds of lighting lamps and lanterns

*Product Customization Production Process: 


Welcome to send us inquiry with your drawing or samples!

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