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T8 led tube frosted diffuser cover

Short Description:

We supplied in different kind of material such as polycarbonate and acrylic with ultraviolet light resistant in transparent,opal and satin color T8 led tube diffuser cover. On request lighting profiles, we could produce polycarbonate material in self-extinguishing flame reach to UL94-V0. UL94-V2 etc.


♦  High Light Transmission more than 92% (transparent T8 tube cover),85-90%(Milky/frost T8 tube cover)

♦  Excellent diffusion

♦  Excellent weather ability

♦  UV resistance

♦  Optimum light dispersion

♦  Excellent performance for LED lighting

Tsy mitovy transmittance sy ny matoatoa va ny loko isan-karazany azo namboarina araka ny fepetra mpanjifa. Anti-UV,not easy to turn yellow or burst for a long time.

High weather resistance: withstand low temperature of-30℃ Celsius, and withstand 120-130℃Celsius height temperature and good flexibility: strong impact resistance and not easy to deform.

Appearance for T8 tube diffuser cover high finish,no black spots,no pull marks,no water wave,qualified rate of more than 95%.

Product Detail

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Customized T8 LED tube cover:

1.Length can be 60 CM, 90CM, 120CM or by your request.

2.No mercury and other hazardous materials, ROHS compliant.

3.The PC housing can make sure the T8 tube come with a perfect heat emitting function so as to the LED in the tube can work for a long time.

4.PC cover is good for tenacity and quakeproof.

5.Tubes are not glued but screwed, and have suitable holders for it.

Material fanamarinana: SGS tratra tatitra (RoHS), Ul karatra mavo, sns

Material antoka: Japoney Teijin, Mitsubishi, Bayer sy ny fitaovana vaovao PC.
Packing: protecting film will be stick on when processing to prevent surface scratch.
Fire-protection rating: UL 94-V2 (94-V0 is available according to customer requirements)
Variety of styles,with more than 200 different specifications products.

*Main Application:

Ampiasaina ho an'ny isan-karazany ny jiro sy ny lela fanaovan-jiro fanilo

*Product Customization Production Process: 


Tongasoa eto amin'ny handefa anay nanontany amin'ny sary na ny santionany!

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