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Acrylic customized transparent forsted lens

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Acrylic customized transparent forsted lens Advantages

Acrylic lighting PMMA diffusers offer distinct benefits that separate this material from polycarbonate. Acrylic transparent lens has a high gloss finish and is more translucent than transparent,making it ideal for light diffusers. Other benefits include:

  • Increased durability against scratches
  • Improved flexibility
  • UV resistance (no yellowing or discoloration from the sun)
  • Less expensive than polycarbonate 

Different transmittance and shades of different colors can be customized according to customer requirements.Anti-UV, not easy to turn yellow or burst for a long time.

High Weather fanoherana: hahatohitra kely ny hafanan'ny-30 ℃ Celsius, ka hahatohitra 120-130 ℃ Celsius haavon'ny mari-pana. Tsara manovaova: fiantraikany mahery fanoherana fa tsy mora mba hanaratsy. Material fanamarinana: SGS tratra tatitra (RoHS), Ul karatra mavo, sns

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The use of acrylic or polycarbonate material for your PMMA lighting extrusion applications will depend on the features that you would like to incorporate into the application’s overall functionality.

Both acrylic and polycarbonate materials provide extremely good strength-to-weight ratios while offering tremendous flexibility and excellent light transmission and diffusion. Some of the advantages of both materials are highlighted below.

PMMA lens

Tsy mitovy transmittance sy ny matoatoa va ny loko isan-karazany azo namboarina araka ny fepetra mpanjifa.
Anti-UV, not easy to turn yellow or burst for a long time.
High weather resistance: withstand low temperature of-30℃ Celsius, and withstand 120-130℃Celsius height temperature.
Good flexibility: strong impact resistance and not easy to deform.
Material certification: SGS detection report(RoHS), UL yellow card, etc.
Appearance: product high finish, no black spots, no pull marks, no water wave, qualified rate of more than 95%.
Material guarantee: Japanese Teijin, Mitsubishi, Bayer and other brand new PC materials.
Packing: protecting film will be stick on when processing to prevent surface scratch.
Fire-protection rating: UL 94-V2 (94-V0 is available according to customer requirements)
Variety of styles,with more than 200 different specifications products.


*Main Application:

Ampiasaina ho an'ny isan-karazany ny jiro sy ny lela fanaovan-jiro fanilo


*Product Customization Production Process: 


Tongasoa eto amin'ny handefa anay nanontany amin'ny sary na ny santionany!

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