Silicone tube for LED strip light

For best manufacturing offers a broad range of silicone tube and tube products made from this versatile material, including platinum cured silicone tubing and silicone tube to ensure the least possible extractables. Our state-of-the-art, clean room is designed for manufacturing products particularly suited to medical applications. Also, our industrial grades silicone tubing offer exceptional performance at relatively lower charges.
Silicone tube has been used for medical tubing, as it meets the medical industry’s requirements for cleanliness and non-toxicity. Another of silicone’s major features — resistance to extreme temperature variations  has enabled its use in applications where a flexible tubing is needed to handle temperatures not possible with other plastics or rubbers.
A rubber-like thermoset material, silicone tubing and tube is extremely pliable and elastic, and it is not altered by the effects of weather.

Property of silicone-tube:
Operating temperature: -50℃ ~ 200℃
With good flexibility and arc resistance performance .

LED lighting products of silicone tube is a new type of material design, dedicated to the LED lamp with high lit silica gel and seal waterproof casing, can be divided into LED soft light with casing, LED flexible light two kinds, because of its primary waterproof effect, therefore, can also be called leds with waterproof casing, according to different customer need, can also produce LED lights with U half casing, one side for the opening, use glue method to carry on the seal, so that the LED lamp with waterproof ability will increase.

Performance of silicone tube for LED lamp strip:

1. Non-toxic, odorless, high transparency, high flame retardant, long-term use of non-yellow;

2. High softness, good elasticity, ozone resistance, voltage resistance, torsion resistance and no deformation;

3. No cracking, long service life, cold and high temperature resistance;

4. High tear resistance and superior electrical properties;

5. Certifications approved by UL, FDA, SGS, ATC, ROSH, etc.

Application: Widely used in LED flexible lamp belt industry, suitable for 4mm-28mm flexible circuit board (bushing, glue pouring, glue dropping processing technology), waterproof, protection, non-toxic, tasteless products;High transparency and light transmittance;Long-term use is not yellow, not embrittlement, not cracking;And has ozone resistance, voltage resistance, cold resistance, high and low temperature resistance and other superior performance.


Post time: Dec-03-2020