Why we use Acrylic/PMMA Tube?

Acrylic tube is available in a range of diameters and wall thicknesses in clear and coloured finishes. Plastic tubes are strong yet lightweight and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Key Features:
-High strength,Thicker Wall for Safer Operation
-High temperature resistance, creep resistance, chemical resistance.
-Easy process, easy to heat forming and can be polished
-Difficult to unbreakable, recyclable
-High transparency, ultra-light

Widely Used :
Apply to organic products, lamps, lighting, home decoration, building materials, sanitary ware, gifts, toys, machinery, environmental protection, instruments, road lights, Bridges, tunnels, building outline lighting and other industries.



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Main products cover T8 LED tube housing,LED batten fittings,LED tri-proof light fixtures,LED linear light parts,LED panel aluminum frame,and all kinds of PC,PMMA,plastic profiles,like round shape and other customized profiles,we are specilized in mold design.

Post time: Sep-15-2022