Acrylic lampshades light up our lives

In recent years, people have been good at mimicry. From babies to engineers, we imitate everything in nature.When we are surrounded by plastic products in our life, it is natural to have lamps made of PMMA (organic glass) in addition to glass.

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Should a lot of people have the impression, at the beginning of the 20th century most of the family is the use of more complex glass lamps, such as chandeliers, ceiling lights and so on.Due to the aging of lamps will be more prone to fall and cause danger, so I gradually want to use other materials instead, so I found acrylic (methyl methacrylate) also known as plexiglass, chemical abbreviation CODE PMMA.Plastic lampshade is usually divided into PS, PVC, PMMA, PC, PE these five kinds of plastics, if these plastics have their own advantages and disadvantages, comprehensive comparison of various characteristics is PC better than PMMA better than PVC, PS, PE.Because PVC and PS use for a long time is easy to deformation, poor thermal performance, and PE combustion will emit toxic gas, so it is better to make lampshade PC and PMMA, PMMA the biggest advantage is: its optical performance;It is transparent. Unlike other transparent materials, it can pass through light that other transparent materials cannot.It can withstand outdoor aging, the sun does not affect its transparency, and other transparent plastic does not have;But at the same time, PMMA also has disadvantages, that is, the surface hardness is low, not scratch resistant.With the development of science and technology, through the use of imported acrylic particles, the hardness of the acrylic goods produced has been improved.And PMMA is non-toxic environmental protection materials, can be used to produce tableware, sanitary ware, etc., with good chemical stability, and weather resistance.PMMA is not easy to produce sharp fragments when broken, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions have made mandatory provisions in the law, primary and secondary schools and kindergarten buildings must use acrylic (PMMA) resin.At present, the pace of urban construction has been accelerated across the country, with street signs, advertising light boxes and telephone booths appearing in large Numbers, among which a considerable part of the materials used are PMMA.Let us be worth mentioning is that the Beijing Olympic Project outdoor color building materials are also a large number of green PMMA environmental protection, so PMMA material has a lot of benefits of the lampshade.

Acrylic lampshades light up our lives

Around 2000, the lamps and lanterns around us gradually appeared plastic lampshade, because of its safety and durability, we can see many indoor and outdoor acrylic lampshade is affecting our life.With plastic lampshades, lighting fixtures will work for a long time in safe mode.

We cannot live without the sun, and we cannot live without light.


Post time: Nov-27-2020