Application of PC lampshade in LED lamps

The application range of PC lampshades is very wide. The PC lampshades designed and developed by our company are mainly used in LED fluorescent lamps, hard light bars, linear lamps, tri-proof lamps, wall wash lamps, purification lamps and other lamps. At present, the PC lampshades produced by our company are divided into two categories: male-model lampshades and private-model lampshades. Public model lampshades are developed for the general public. Every lighting company in the market can buy and use without charging mold opening fees; while private model lampshades are provided by customers with drawings or customized by Dongguan Mingmu for a lighting company Customized products made by charging a certain mold fee.


The public model lampshades can also be subdivided into two types:

1. Conventional PC lampshades, which are basically universal in the market, and are easy for customers to find on the Internet, but there are certain differences in products made by different manufacturers.

2. Some unique PC lampshades designed by our company are not customized by customers, but they can be publicly sold to all customers. Private mold lampshades are styles designed for specific customers. When the product is opened, the buyer and the seller will Sign the mold opening agreement, can not sell to the outside, this is a kind of product design and commercial confidentiality of the customer, it has legal effect. As an honest manufacturer, Dongguan Lianzhen Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. will also abide by this agreement.

Post time: Jan-21-2021