Are the shelves in your warehouse protected against collisions?

As can be clearly seen from the photo above, the column on the left is hardly damaged or deformed due to the use of anti-collision foot guards; however, the column on the right is not used, so the damage is more serious and clearly visible .

If the shelf is not protected, what will happen? Please see the picture below.



The rack protector is the main weighing component of the rack. In daily storage operations, due to the forklift operation, the forklift is likely to hit the column and cause the column to collide with deformation. The weighing structure changes after the column is deformed and the load is attenuated. There are potential safety hazards for long-term application. Replace the column. It is cumbersome, it is necessary to unload the goods on the shelves, and it is necessary to disassemble all the shelves before installing them, which is particularly inconvenient. The company has developed a new type of plastic anti-collision system for shelf columns, which has the following advantages compared with traditional steel corner protectors:

1. Easy installation: new modified materials, only need to be stuck on the column, occupy a small area and save roadway space.

2. Strong safety: The engineering mechanics has a reasonable design structure, which produces a strong buffer force when impacted to protect the column from deformation.

3. Convenient maintenance: modular design, single damaged module can be replaced. It does not damage the ground. Compared with the traditional corner protector, the ground fixing screws are pulled up to damage the ground.

4. Economical and beautiful: long service life, higher cost performance, new material production, beautiful appearance.

5. Strong compatibility: It perfectly combines various types of columns of various shelf manufacturers in the industry, and is widely applicable.


Post time: Feb-03-2021