Causes and solutions of PC lampshade cracking

The PC lampshade is mainly used for LED fluorescent lamps. Various problems, especially cracks, will appear in the process of normal application, which makes many friends in the LED manufacturing industry very puzzled. Below, analyze the cracking of the PC lampshade and find a way to use a good PC lampshade.

Why does the PC lampshade appear to be cracked? The key reason is that the PC molecular chain structure is damaged and the molecular chain is broken, causing the product to crack. In other words, there are cracks on the surface. The elements of the structure of the hazard molecular chain fall into the following categories:

1. Repeated application. When the product is continuously applied, the molecules of the product will produce fission type under the continuous high temperature effect. The molecular chain will be broken and cracked. From high-molecular chemicals to low-molecular chemicals, raw materials become brittle.

2. Excessive stress is divided into two types. First of all, the product itself, the specifications of the design of the mold itself, and the stress caused by the mold. Secondly, the external stress on the product. If the stress is too great, the molecules will break.

3. Environmental factors. The hazards of pH environment, strong ultraviolet light, high and low temperature tests, so in the process of application, especially pay attention to environmental hazards.


Everyone knows why, you can treat symptomatically:

1. Repeated application is a common problem. In order to save costs, many bosses use purchased materials and wastes, counterfeit and shoddy, deceive customers, and disrupt the sales market, but when a product has a problem, it is still themselves that will be harmed later. Only upgrading the product level is the direction of development, that is, applying new upgraded materials and making money.

2. Excessive stress is a design and application problem. The main parameters of the physical properties of the product should be informed to the injection molding plant and customers, so that their design schemes for abrasive tools, injection molded products, and PC lampshades must be followed, thereby reducing the risk of excessive stress.

3. The environmental element belongs to the problem of communication, which is very easy to prevent. Grasp the application environment of the product, and strongly recommend products that are consistent with the environment, such as anti-UVPC lampshade, solvent-resistant PC lampshade, and ultra-tough low-temperature resistant PC lampshade.

Now we know that PC lampshades will have problems in the process of designing, materials, manufacturing, and application, and we have also obtained solutions. This will provide beneficial help for everyone to adopt good LED lampshades and PC lampshades.

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