Fire performance of PC lampshade

PC lampshade is a lampshade for bulbs, LED lamps, LED fluorescent lamps, headlights and lighting lamp housings made of PC (polycarbonate). Raw material: Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic resin with a -[ORO-CO]-segment in the carbon chain of the molecular structure. According to the different ester groups in the molecular formula, it can be divided into alicyclic, alicyclic, and human aliphatic-alicyclic Among them, alicyclic polycarbonate is of practical significance, and bisphenol A polycarbonate is important, and the relative molecular mass is generally 30,000 to 100,000. Polycarbonate, the English name Polycarbonate, is commonly known as PC.


Fireproof performance of PC lampshade

Nowadays, everyone is more and more aware of the importance of the fireproof performance of PC lampshades, and attaches great importance to safety and health. PC lampshades must also have fire resistance. So which halogen-free flame retardants can show fire resistance without harming the original LED lights What about the light transmittance performance of the tube lampshade?

Although bromine-containing halogen-free flame retardants have very good fire resistance, they cannot ensure the light transmittance of the LED lampshade, and are very harmful to the physical properties of the material, and the high temperature and impact resistance will be greatly reduced. This requires everyone to have a new halogen-free flame retardant that has good fire resistance and does not harm the light transmittance of the LED lampshade. The best choice is the environmentally friendly flame retardant sulfonate.




Light diffuser for PC lampshade

The light diffusing agent for PC lampshades produced by PC lampshade manufacturers has models. The microscopic state is microbeads with a diameter of 4 microns. The light transmittance is high, and the refractive index is 1.57. The compatibility in the plate is very good, and it is used in PC. Or in PMMA, high haze can be achieved, but the light transmittance can reach 86%, so it is very suitable for use in lampshade materials that require high light transmittance and high haze to improve shading.



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