How office lighting can inspire your passion for work?

Today’s office is a highly dynamic environment where professionals spend long hours working on a diverse range of visual tasks. Each task requires specific lighting solutions.


The key functions of light in an office space are to provide sufficient brightness for safety, reduce illuminance contrast for uniformity, and control glare for comfort in order to achieve visually ideal working conditions. The goal is to provide an optically stress free and safe environment for working professionals so that working hours are fully optimized. Next to the creation of comfortable working environments energy saving is an obvious advantage of LED lighting solutions.


Landscaping | Making it come to life

Interior lighting can completely change the layout of a work space. Different types of office lighting fixtures can create different responses. A carefully placed lighting fixture can change the focus of a room. A carefully tuned color temperature can affect the perception of what time of day it is. The brightness can even determine an individual’s perception of the size of a room. Therefore a well-designed modern office can make all that happen and provide you an inspiring working environment.


Personalizing | Making it yours

Lighting is a flexible and daily element of the working environment. Each individual has their own preferences for lighting requirements and their own definitions of comfort and convenience. With minimum efficiency and safety requirements set, each individual can have their own spatial configurations and brightness preferences for each lighting fixture or set of lighting fixtures to achieve a different comfort level in the work place.



Post time: Mar-11-2021