How to choose a good quality PC cover?

The quality of the PC lampshade is closely related to the light transmittance of the PC lampshade to a large extent, and the lampshade with high light transmittance can bring a relatively ideal luminous flux.

The light transmittance of the PC cover: The light transmittance of the transparent mask in the current market can reach 90-95%, and the light transmittance of the milky white lampshade is 70-90%. If a 1.2-meter LED tube, when the bare lamp is lit, that is, without a mask, the measured luminous flux is 2000lm, and now it is added with a transparent mask with a light transmittance of only 90%, then it is actually The luminous flux is only 1800lm. If you add a transparent mask with a light transmittance of 95% to it, then its actual luminous flux is 1900lm, which is also a transparent mask. Why is there such a big difference between the two?


The answer lies in the material of the lampshade. At present, the materials of PC cover on the market are divided into ordinary PC materials and optical grade PC materials, and these materials will also have a certain degree of difference in light transmittance due to different raw material manufacturers.

The LED lampshade produced by Dongguan Lianzhen is made of materials imported from Japan such as Teijin, Mitsubishi, etc., and is extruded using its own improved technology accumulated over the years. The appearance of the mask is smooth and flat, with good roundness. There is no obvious step in the joint position of the PC lampshade and the aluminum part. , No scratches, black spots, watermarks and other defects, and the surface treatment of the product is very smooth and has a higher light transmittance.


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