Is it necessary to install Rack Protector on storage shelves in logistics centers?

Rack protectors are seen in many places, mainly to protect safety. The same is true for storage shelves, most heavy-duty storage shelves will be installed with anti-collision rails to avoid being hit by external forces. However, many customers feel that the rack protector is not very useful, as long as it is properly operated, even a slight touch will not affect the use of storage shelves. Is it necessary to install rack protector on the storage shelves of the warehouse logistics center?



There is no doubt about this, because most of the storage racks in the logistics center are heavy-duty racks, and forklifts and other warehousing equipment are needed to assist in storing and unloading goods. Large-scale equipment such as forklifts, if the collision intensity is high, may cause the storage shelves to deform and collapse. Therefore, storage rack manufacturers will recommend the installation of guard rails or pillar protection.



Some customers want to save the cost of rack protector or column protection, so they don’t consider installation. In fact, you can think from another angle. If the forklift collides with the storage shelves of the logistics center and causes deformation, the goods may fall off unsteadily. If the entire storage shelf system collapses, the consequences are even more disastrous. Therefore, it is not recommended to save this money.


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Post time: Apr-15-2021