Knowleges of LED Strip Light

1. LED light bar can be divided into two types: flexible LED light bar and LED hard light bar. The difference is that LED hard light bar is assembled with PCB board and cannot be bent at will; flexible LED light bar is made of softer FPC Assemble the circuit board, the LED flexible light bar is encapsulated in transparent plastic and can be bent.

2. The rigid light bar has better linearity, more convenient fixation, and more worry-free installation. It is suitable for use in a more spacious space and can show better light consistency.

3. There are two kinds of voltages used for hard light bars, one is general voltage and the other is driving voltage. The universal voltage is high voltage, the driving voltage is 24V, and the safety and reliability are high.

4. Compared with the soft light strip, the hard light strip is made of aluminum material, which has better heat dissipation and higher power.

5. The LED rigid light bar can be repaired in a single unit, that is, one broken will not affect the others.

6. Rigid light strips are used in many auxiliary lighting such as showcases and windows, such as jewelry showcase lighting, display cabinet lighting, cabinet lighting, wardrobe lighting, specialty store decorative lighting, advertising light box lighting, and hotels, guesthouses, decorative lighting, etc.

7. The color temperature can be selected according to the different lighting environment, such as: warm white light (2700-3500k) color temperature is suitable for gold lighting; natural white light (4000k) is suitable for gemstone, jade, and jade lighting.

8. When installing the LED hard light bar, it is generally placed in the light trough and can be placed straight. It can also be installed with magnets, mounting buckles, 45° mounting buckles, rotating mounting brackets, etc.Alluminium_LED_Profiles


Multiple choices, easy to use

A variety of connection methods, a variety of color temperature options, a variety of materials, a variety of lengths and even a variety of power ~ so many choices, just to meet the needs of different spaces, scenes, and lighting.

Flexible connection, uninterrupted light

The coupling device is flexible and changeable to meet the application requirements of different spaces, ensuring no dark areas, uninterrupted light, and perfect presentation of the beauty of the illuminated object.


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