Light transmittance of PC cover in LED tube

The luminous flux of the LED lamp tube is determined by the lumens of the lamp beads, but the light transmittance of the PC lampshade also affects the luminous flux of the LED lamp to a large extent. Due to the difference in light transmittance, even with the same wattage and the same lamp beads, but with PC covers with different light transmittances, the brightness is also different.

Because PC lampshades are environmentally friendly, tough, and not fragile, the outer covers of LED tubes currently on the market are basically PC covers, so how are PC lampshades subdivided?


The PC cover is roughly divided into the following types: transparent cover, transparent stripe cover, diffusion cover, and diffusion stripe cover.

1. Transparent cover: The transparent cover is extruded from fully transparent PC raw materials. The lamp tube made of this cover can see the lamp beads, which is very dazzling and easy to dizzy. It does not meet the requirements of humans for light, but its The characteristic is that the light transmittance is very high, which can reach about 95%. For some lighting places where high brightness is required and the human eye is rarely exposed to the light source, the transparent cover is very practical;

2. Transparent striped shade: This kind of lamp shade is also extruded from fully transparent PC raw materials, but the mold is designed with internal stripes. When it is lit, the lamp beads can be expanded to disperse the light, and it will not look like The transparent lampshade is so dazzling, the light transmittance is about 92%;

3. Diffusion cover: This lamp cover is currently the most widely used in the market. It is made of transparent PC material and light diffusion masterbatch, which is mixed and extruded according to a certain formula. The light transmittance of this type of lamp cover is about 83-86%. In addition, customers can increase or reduce the proportion of the diffusion masterbatch in the transparent material according to their own requirements for the light transmittance of the diffuser, so as to adjust the light transmittance (70%~92%) within a certain range ;

4. Diffusion stripe cover: this kind of lampshade is the same as the transparent stripe cover, the inner stripe is designed in the mold, but the light diffusion masterbatch is added to the raw material, the light transmittance of this kind of shell is about 83%, the LED lamp made by this kind of lampshade Due to the streaks and the divergence of the diffuser, there will be no dark areas or the range of the dark areas is very small when it is lit.

Post time: Mar-03-2021