New arrival IP65 Full PC Plastic LED Tri-proof Light Housing

Lianzhen R&D department has developed a latest IP65 Full PC Plastic LED Tri-proof Light Housing.An all-plastic lamp is installed on the upper surface of the shell, the outer side wall of the all-plastic lamp is provided with a chute, a metal buckle is arranged in the chute, and an expansion plastic plug is arranged on the outside of the metal buckle, and the inside of the shell is inserted There are aluminum materials, the inside of the plug is equipped with a power supply, and the inner wall of the plug is equipped with a plug waterproof ring. Both plugs are installed at both ends of the shell. The outer side of the plug is equipped with a plug end cover. The outer side of the head end cover is installed with a plastic cover through a rubber cover and a waterproof gasket; the three-proof lamp has a simple structure, and the shell is made of thermally conductive engineering plastic and imported anti-UV diffusion PC material. It has excellent thermal conductivity and flame resistance. It reaches UL94V0, and reduces the weight of general aluminum parts by 50%. Because the whole lamp is made of all-plastic material, there is an aluminum material inside, which has good insulation performance.

Product advantage



1.High light transmission PC lampshade

Use imported PC material. The overall light is uniform, no dark areas, high light

 transmittance, waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-


2.Waterproof lamp holder

Use high-quality PC material. Multi-channel waterproof design can better ensure the reliability of the seal.





3.Hardware aluminum lamp body

High-density aluminum, anodized, strong corrosion resistance, excellent heat

dissipation performance, effectively reduce light decay and extend the life of the lamp.

4.Hardware clips

Using high-quality hardware materials, after multiple processing, it is hard, not easy to rust and more firm. Can be ceiling, can be hung.


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Post time: Aug-20-2021