PC Polycarbonate Tubes

PC Polycarbonate Tubes

Polycarbonate tubes are the clearest extruded tubes on the market today delivering brilliant quality, superior performance, and durability. Polycarbonate tubes are characterized by their flawless optics, and a perfectly smooth surface free of striations. 

Polycarbonate tubes are optically pure. Our transparent Polycarbonate tubes are often used in the stand- and exhibition building, in the furniture/interior design branches, and mostly for technical applications such as reactors.

Polycarbonate tubes are reasonable UV stable and weatherproof but are not designed for long-term outdoor applications. They will yellow if they are outside for a long period.

High-quality, design-orientated applications within the architectural lighting industry can be easily created with our Polycarbonate tubes. You can create impressive lighting effects using our Satin Frost Polycarbonate Tubes which are an innovative solution that fits particularly well for Lighting and architectural applications. White or frosted satin surface finishes provide excellent diffused light creating a velvety nonglare surface.

Polycarbonate tubes can be cut, sanded, drilled etc. with the appropriate tools. They require high cutting speeds and effective cooling as their low heat conduction can easily lead to overheating and local thermal stress. 

Excess friction, especially with Polycarbonate tubes can cause melting which leads to a tacky surface and difficulty machining. Drilling should never be performed without using some water-based cooling lubricant (i.e. an emulsion). For eliminating internal stress annealing may be necessary. 


Post time: Jan-28-2023