PE,HDPE pipes advantages and applications

PE polyethylene pipe is divided into many types, which can be divided into water supply pipe, gas pipe, mining pipe, sewage pipe, and non-excavation cross pipe threading pipe. According to raw materials can be divided into HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE. The following focuses on the different uses of PE pipe.

About The HDPE,or high density polyethylene, is a synthetic polymer made from petroleum which is commonly used in production of plastic bottles, water pipes, corrosion resistant piping, and more. Known for high density and large strength, HDPE pipes enjoy average life span of more than 50 years. High density polyethylene can be found in objects as common as containers, bottles, helmets, toys, cosmetics and all popular forms of domestic objects. Being non-toxic, odourless and insipid, HDPE boats a higher volume of production throughout the world. There are numerous HDPE pipes manufacturers around the world but you need to find the reliable ones to gain maximum benefits from HDPE pipes.

Because the PE/HDPE pipe has good resistance to insulation and its own strong pressure resistance, it can also be used as a power threading pipes. In addition,PE pipe applications also include PE biogas pipes, PE-RT heating pipes for hot and cold water, PE telecommunications, cable sheathing pipes, etc. Its wide range of uses is unmatched by other materials, and it is believed that in the future development , PE pipe will have more innovation.

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Post time: Aug-27-2020