PMMA diffuser processing conditions

PMMA is suitable for processing by injection molding,extrusion diffuser,extrusion blow molding (impact modified acrylics only), thermoforming and casting.

Pre-drying is not necessary if a vented cylinder is used but if a normal cylinder is used then PMMA must be processed dry and it is advisable to pre-dry the granules for up to 8 hours at 70-100°C. Surface defects and blisters will form if damp granules are processed.


Injection Molding

  • Melt temperature : 200-250°C
  • Mold temperature : 40-80°C
  • High injection pressures are needed because of poor flow properties and it may be necessary to inject slowly to get the correct flow
  • Internal stresses can be eliminated by heating at 80°C



  • Extrusion temperature : 180-250°C 
  • A degassing screw with an L/D ratio of 20-30 is recommended

PMMA can be welded by all the plastics welding processes such as hot‐blade, hot‐gas, ultrasonic or spin welding.

Due to its transparency and stiffness,PMMA is also used as 3D Printing material,but it requires slightly high temperature and a bit more prone to wrap as compared to PLA.

PMMA filaments are available in wide array of colors.

Post time: Sep-16-2020