Acrylic,Polycarbonate and glass are all transparent materials and as discussed above,PC and PMMA are suitable, shatter-resistance alternatives to glass. PMMA is often used as a lightweight alternative to glass and a reasonable substitute to polycarbonate (PC) thanks to its cost-effectiveness and when extreme strength is not essential.

Also, PMMA is less likely to scratch and does not yellow over a period of time. The other benefits which PMMA offers PC includes very high transmissivity and better optical clarity which can be also be restored by polishing. PMMA is a great choice for optical devices because it is less damaging to tissues when it is fractured.


Although, by making PMMA/PC blends, the excellent optical clarity and surface hardness of PMMA can be combined with the superior toughness and very high glass transition temperature of PC.


Post time: Sep-09-2020