Something about Plastic Pipe Core

We have some manufacturing method of plastic pipe core


There are many production materials for plastic core, such as plastic, PVC, PE, HDPE etc. Among them, PVC is common. This material has a wide range of applications, so what is PVC material? The production method ofplastic core What is it? Let me introduce it to everyone.

The utility model relates to a pipe material, in particular, it relates to a roll core pipe.

Theplastic core is a component used to curl a variety of sheeting-like products such as sheeting, tape or paper to facilitate the storage and transportation of the product.

The material of the rollplastic core is different, according to the product to be rolled, including paper rollplastic core, plastic rollplastic core and metal rollplastic core. Plastic rollplastic cores are widely used for their advantages such as light weight, smooth surface, wear resistance, and resistance to deformation.


Classification of plastic core

The characteristics of PPplastic core are non-corrosion, abrasion resistance, non-scaling, reduction of vibration and noise, and anti-freeze cracking (pp coreplastic core generates frost cracking at low temperature exceeding -20 ℃, and the high temperature working environment only needs to exceed 70 ℃ Decompose, use temperature is -20 ℃ to 70 ℃), prevent dew condensation, less heat loss, simple installation and long service life. There are three types of connection methods: welding, end welding, and different material takeover.

PE rollplastic core has good abrasion resistance. A comparative experiment of the wear resistance of polypropylene pipe and steel pipe shows that its wear resistance is 4 times that of steel pipe. It has good resistance to stress cracking and precision: PE coil core pipe has low notch sensitivity and high shear strength. It has outstanding traceability and environmental stress resistance. Long service life Polyethylene pipes have high molecular weight, good stability and aging resistance. Under normal working temperature and pressure conditions, the service life can be more than 50 years.



Post time: Oct-13-2020