Storage rack anti-collision pillar

After the storage rack is installed, the rack supplier will generally explain the applicable methods and precautions of the storage rack to the customer. One of the important things is that the rack must be protected against collision during use.


Storage racks, especially those used by forklifts to pick up goods, will damage the rack components and reduce the shelf life if the forklift hits the rack during operation. Heavy weight causes the shelf to collapse and the goods fall to the ground, because the storage shelf itself carries the goods, especially if the heavy shelf or the high shelf is full, if it is hit, a terrible domino effect is likely to occur, leading to the collapse of the entire warehouse shelf , The goods fall. There is a video on the Internet that a warehouse in the UK accidentally hit a column of a shelf due to a forklift driver’s operation, causing all the high shelves of the warehouse to collapse, which is very terrible.

All in all, the all-round rack anti-collision system improves the safety of personnel and equipment, effectively protects employees, equipment and buildings, can greatly reduce subsequent maintenance costs and increase users’ profit levels.

Therefore, the user must pay attention to the anti-collision of the storage rack in the process of applying the storage rack, and must not take it lightly.
Since the storage rack anti-collision is so important, which aspects should be taken from the shelf anti-collision work?


                   Increase anti-collision equipment

When designing storage shelves, the shelf manufacturer should add anti-collision parts to the design according to the specific situation. Such as anti-collision guard rails, corner guards, guard rails, etc. In terms of color, these anti-collision accessories generally use yellow, yellow and black colors for the eyes in order to serve as a warning. Some of these anti-collision accessories can effectively prevent the forklift from directly hitting the shelf when the forklift is operating incorrectly, and some can well absorb and dissolve the impact energy when hitting, and reduce the damage to the shelf. The following are common anti-collision accessories for storage shelves.


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