The difference between PC lampshade and glass lampshade

At this stage, there are many lampshades of different materials on the market, so is it good for glass lampshades or PC lampshades. Their appearance, length and color can be customized according to customer requirements, whether they are used at home or outdoors, All are very beautiful and generous, how should people choose this kind of lampshade? Here is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of glass lampshades and PC lampshades.

Ⅰ, The advantages of glass lampshades

1. The light transmittance of glass products is all very good, just like the glass that people usually see, it is not easy to block the light when it is opened at night, and it can be used for all reasons.

2. We understand that light bulbs will heat up immediately after being used for a long time. The temperature of some light bulbs is very high. Glass products will not cause any harm at high temperatures. They can be used again and are not easy to stimulate The smell is released.

3. There are many plastic lampshades that have been used for a long time, and the surface layer will turn yellow immediately, jeopardizing the chromaticity of the light source. Glass products can prevent this very well.

4. Many processing techniques can be used for coloring, which is very beautiful and generous.

Defect: The glass product is very easy to shatter, which is also its defect.




Ⅱ, Advantages of PC lampshade

The lampshade made of PC raw materials is very light, its relative density is lower than that of glass, and it is not easy to be crushed under application. The lampshade made of imported raw materials will not fade for 5 years, and its colors are also diverse. It can be used in many extreme natural environments, can resist the impact of wind and snow, and is very powerful. This type of product is generally used outdoors, in large and medium-sized city squares, key arterial roads, central squares, and garden landscapes. With lamps, this kind of all can be optimized for PC lampshades.

Defects: The flexibility of this kind of product is not very good. The completely transparent PC lampshade will cause dazzling or dazzling string light in the management center of the light source. The thermal deformation temperature of the PC is 90 degrees. When choosing the PC lampshade, it is usually necessary to consider the increase The distance between the lamp source and the lampshade or reduce the power of the lamp source.

In the case of choosing a lampshade, it must be based on the natural environment of its own application, so that it is not easy to have any risks and damages.


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