The function of pc diffuse lampshade

The light diffusion lampshade is based on the increase of the light diffusion agent in the PC resin. The light diffusion agent is spherical and evenly distributed in the PC resin, creating an island construction. Due to the difference in the refractive index of the pc light diffusion lampshade resin and the light diffusion agent, the lighting is in The pc light-diffusion lampshade agent plate is also mirror-reflected and undergoes multiple reflections to achieve light diffusion. The increase in the amount of pc light-diffusion lampshade agent, particle size and setting, and refractive index determine the optical function of the material. The optical function of the light-diffusion material It indicates that the light transmittance, haze, and dispersion of the full-illumination light are included. Some dispersion refers to the angle compared to the light transmittance of 50%. How to meet the high light transmittance and high haze of astigmatic materials, this can be classified It is difficult. The light of the fluorescent lamp is irradiated to the vicinity, and the light from the next irradiated light is reflected and returned. The light above will be reflected if it exceeds the critical angle. So the light will go through various reflections and reach it again. The rest of the diffuser light There will be relevant refraction to the inside of the diffuser. After reaching the inside of the diffuser, it will meet with the diffuser and continue to reflect and astigmatize many times, maintaining the natural brightness of the plate on the way. Features of the light diffusion lampshade:

1. The light transmittance of the pc light diffusion lampshade endurance board is 65%, and the light transmittance of the general-purpose pc light diffusion lampshade rust red endurance board must be 20%. Therefore, in the professional operation of the advertising light box, the effect of the advertising is becoming clearer.
2. The general-purpose pc light-diffusion lampshade milky board can be specific to the LED lamp source, while the pc light-diffusion lampshade endurance board can scatter the LED lamp source seriously. The general fluorescent lamp source is due to the overweight power consumption and high execution capital), but the LED lamp source and light After the diffuser, it can save more than 80% of the electricity bill, and the economic benefits are obvious.
3. The anti-attack function of the pc light diffusion lampshade is 20-30 times that of acrylic materials, and it is cumbersome and injured during installation and shipping.
4. The flame-retardant grade is higher than that of Acrylic, and the flame-retardant B2 level is achieved, and the function of safety and security is changed.
5. The temperature resistance of pc light diffusion lampshade is -40℃-+120℃, which will not cause deformation due to the large amount of illumination of the lamp source.


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