The principle of profile extrusion

What’s the extrusion molding: also known as extrusion molding, the key is suitable for the molding of thermoset plastics, and also suitable for the molding of some thermoset plastics and elastomer materials with good circulation. The whole molding process is to use a rotating extruder screw to extrude the heated and melted thermosetting plastic raw material from an engine with the required cross-sectional shape, and then shape it by a shaper, and then make it hard and dry according to the cooling tower. It becomes a commodity with the required cross-section.

Mechanical equipment:

1. Host

Extrusion system software: It is composed of extruder screw and barrel, which is an important part of extruder. Its effect is to melt raw materials, quantitatively analyze, uniformly and squeeze out the solution at a constant temperature
Transmission device: drive the extruder screw, show the required torque and torque
Heating and refrigeration system: to ensure that the temperature of the plastic and extrusion system software meets the processing requirements during the entire molding process

2. Auxiliary machine
Consists of engine, shaping equipment, refrigeration equipment, traction belt equipment, unwinding equipment, and laser cutting

3. Automatic control system
Consists of household appliances, dashboards and electric actuators
Efficacy: Manipulate the motors of the main and auxiliary machines to consider the required speed ratio and output power; manipulate the temperature, working pressure, and total flow of the main and auxiliary machines to ensure product quality; complete the automatic control system of the extrusion generator set to ensure the main and auxiliary machines Harmonious operation.


About the main parameters:

1. Temperature
The extrusion molding temperature is enough to taste the barrel temperature, plastic temperature, and extruder screw temperature. Generally, you can measure the barrel temperature. The temperature is controlled by the heating and refrigeration system. Because of the screw structure of the extruder, the instability of the heating and refrigeration system, and the change of the screw speed ratio of the extruder, the temperature of the extruded raw material fluctuates in the axial and radial directions, which will harm the product The quality and the compressive strength of the product are different at each point, causing internal stress, and the surface is dim and dull. To ensure product quality, the temperature should be stable.

2. Work pressure
Because of the structure of the extruder screw barrel, the frictional resistance of the engine, filter screen, and filter element, there is working pressure inside the plastic. The change in working pressure is shown in the figure, and there are ups and downs in working pressure.

3. Extrusion speed
The quality or length of the plastic extruded from the die of the extruder per unit time. Factors that harm extrusion speed: engine friction resistance, extruder screw and barrel structure, extruder screw speed ratio, heating, refrigeration system, and plastic characteristics. But when the product has been determined, the extrusion speed is only related to the ratio of the extruder screw speed. There are also fluctuations in the extrusion speed, which endanger the appearance and specifications of the product geometry.




There are fluctuations in temperature, working pressure, and extrusion speed to ensure product quality. Properly design the extruder screw, operate the heating and refrigeration system and the reliability of the extruder screw speed ratio to reduce the fluctuation of main parameters.




Application industry:

Agriculture and animal husbandry, construction industry, petrochemical equipment, mechanical equipment

 manufacturing, medical machinery, cars, electronic devices, aerospace and other industrial sectors are all used.

The above is the relevant knowledge about the principle of profile extrusion, I hope it will be helpful to you.


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