What are the Uses of Acrylic products?

Due to its transparent properties,lightweight and superior toughness compared to glass, PMMA got popular during World War II. It was extensively used make aircraft windshields, canopies and gun turrets. After this several other commercial applications were developed for PMMA such as glass roofing, façade design, advertising, automotive headlamps,etc.

Today various types of acrylic grades are used in wide variety of applications,for example:

Architecture and Construction
Thanks to its excellent impact and UV resistance, PMMA is widely used in window and door profiles,canopies, panels,led lighting diffuser,façade design, etc. It also facilitates light transmission and provides good heat insulation, hence a suitable choice of building green houses. PMMA is also used to build aquariums and marine centers.


PMMA Sheets Used to Build Green Houses      PMMA in Lighting Applications

PMMA sheets are used for designing LED lights where it helps maximize light emitting potential. It is also used for construction of lamps thanks to its transparency and optical properties.

lens     PMMA lens

Automotive and Transportation
In vehicles, PMMA sheets are used in car windows, motorcycle windshields, interior and exterior panels, fenders etc. Also colored acrylic sheets are used in car indicator light covers, interior light covers etc. It is also used for windows of a ship (Salt resistance) and aviation purposes.

PMMA also open new design possibilities for car manufacturers thanks to its pleasant acoustic properties, outstanding formability and excellent surface hardness.


Automotive Applications of PMMA  PMMA Offers Scratch Resistance in Smartphones Display

Due to its excellent optical clarity, high light transmission and scratch resistance, PMMA is widely used in LCD/LED tv screens, laptops, smartphones display as well as electronic equipment displays. PMMA also finds used in solar panels as cover materials thanks to its excellent UV resistance and excellent light transmission allowing high energy conversion efficiencies.

Medical and Healthcare
PMMA is a high purity and easy-to-clean material and hence used to fabricate incubators, drug testing devices, storage cabinets in hospitals and research labs. Also, due to its high bio-compatibility, PMMA is also applied as dental cavity fillings and bone cement.

PMMA's High Purity Make it Suitable for Use in Hospitals and Laboratories  Designer Chair Made from PMMA

PMMA offers exception properties such as transparency, toughness and aesthetics to produce chairs, tables, kitchen cabinets, bowls, table mats etc. in any shape,color or finishes

Post time: Sep-03-2020