What’s the Acrylic tube?


Acrylic Tube also named PMMA tube and plexiglass tube. Acrylic tubes are very similar to glass tubes, but they are stronger and easier to make. Before many customers will choose to use glass tube as aquarium tube, but now more and more customers choose to use acrylic tube. There are three main reasons. First, the acrylic tube is lighter than the glass tube with the same size and shape, which is convenient for transportation. Second, the acrylic tube is made of organic material and is recyclable. Third, the transparency of the acrylic tube is about 93%, not much different from the glass.


Length: 10-2000mm
Thickness: Extruded (1~5mm)Cast (4~50mm),over 100mm is ok
OD (Outside Diameter) Extruded (Φ5 ~ Φ200mm)Cast (Φ100 ~ Φ1500mm)



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Post time: May-18-2022