What’s the tri-proof light?

The tri-proof light refers to the three-proof: waterproof, dustproof, and anticorrosive. Special anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion materials and silica gel sealing ring are used to achieve the protection requirements of lamps.The use of anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion materials and silica gel sealing ring to achieve the protection requirements of the lamp. This lamp carries out anti-corrosion, waterproof, and anti-oxidation treatments on the circuit control board. Aiming at the characteristics of the weak heat dissipation capacity of the electrical box seal, the intelligent temperature control three-proof lamp working circuit reduces the working temperature of the power inverter, and isolates the protection circuit from strong electricity. The double insulation treatment of the connector ensures the safety and reliability of the circuit. According to the actual working environment of the three-proof lamp, the surface of the lamp protective box is treated with nano-sprayed moisture-proof and anti-corrosion treatment to prevent the entry of dust and moisture.


Performance characteristics of LED tri-proof light:

Light efficiency and energy saving: The average service life of the high light efficiency gas discharge light source is up to 20,000 hours, eliminating the trouble and inconvenience of frequent lamp replacement. It is equipped with a new technology capacitive energy-saving ballast, which saves 20% of electricity compared with similar ballasts, and can achieve constant current output, which greatly improves the service life of the bulb.




Design structure:

One-piece streamlined cylindrical structure, uniform and soft light projection, especially suitable for fixed lighting in various high ceilings and high sheds. The interior of the lamp body adopts anti-vibration materials and shock-absorbing structure, which can work for a long time in various high-frequency and strong vibration places.


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