Where are PC lampshades generally used?

PC lampshades can be seen everywhere in our daily lives, just like some lighting fixtures, bus companies, large shopping malls, and even some new era home decorations, you can see PC lampshades, but you may not know the actual situation. The use of PC lampshades is very common. If you don’t believe it, let’s take a look at the following introduction:

PC lampshades are generally used in: LED fluorescent lamps, LED lighting, LED lamps, small desk lamps, etc. The use of PC lampshades is very common, and there are many lighting fixtures that can be used, but after general PC lampshades such as unconventional T5/T6/T8/T9/T10, basically most of the use are all special-shaped PCs. Lampshades, and for this kind of PC lampshades, generally need to be moulded and customized. In other words, customers need to provide well-designed engineering drawings so that we can process and customize PC lampshades according to the dimensions of the drawings.

For conventional PC lampshades, it is also very easy to find on the market now. When you search on the Internet, you will basically have a lot of choices, but it is not easy to find special-shaped lampshades, because they can usually be made. Most of the special-shaped PC lampshades are designed by customers, and they only find PC lampshade manufacturers to process and customize. For such molds, we usually sign a confidentiality agreement when we sign a contract, and we can no longer sell this PC. The lampshade is a kind of design product and its commercial secret information confidential to the customer, and it has a legal effect. Therefore, as an honest PC lampshade manufacturer, we must strictly implement this cooperation agreement.


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Post time: Jun-18-2021