Transparent Plastic Packaging Tube

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Over 20 sizes for your choice.Welcome to inquiry.

  • LEZPC-8598: 21.3*0.5mm
  • LEZPC-8601: 30*0.6mm
  • LEZPC-8609: 25.5*0.5mm
  • LEZPC-8610: 17.5*0.45mm
  • LEZPC-8637A: 28.3*0.6mm
  • LEZPC-8640A: 33.5*0.65mm
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    High Quality Craft:

    Our products are made of high quality PC material which is durable and safety.

    Wide Application:
    There are many sizes to choose,which can be used as candle box,biscuit box,tea canister,USB cable box,Food,Medicine and storage box.
    Customization Service:
    We can customize any sizes and can make the products according to your drawings(requirements).
    Serial No. Model No. Dimension Cap Shape Material
    1 LEZPC-1901A Φ9.8*0.3mm Round PC
    2 LEZPC-2007A Φ13.9*0.5mm
    3 LEZPC-2006A Φ15*0.5mm
    4 LEZPC-8630A Φ16*0.5mm
    5 LEZPC-2002A Φ17*0.5mm
    6 LEZPC-8610A Φ17.5*0.5mm Black or Clear
    7 LEZPC-8607A Φ18.3*0.5mm
    8 LEZPC-8600 Φ19*0.5mm Black or Clear
    9 LEZPC-8616A Φ19.4*0.5mm
    10 LEZPC-2016A Φ21*0.5mm
    11 LEZPC-8598A Φ21.3*0.5mm
    12 LEZPC-8645A Φ22.3*0.55mm
    13 LEZPC-8629A Φ22.8*0.55mm
    14 LEZPC-8644A Φ23*0.5mm
    15 LEZPC-8609A Φ25.5*0.5mm Black or Clear
    16 LEZPC-8660A Φ27.3*0.55
    17 LEZPC-8637A Φ28.3*0.6mm Black,Clear,Yellow
    18 LEZPC-8604A Φ29.2*0.6mm
    19 LEZPC-8601A Φ30*0.7mm Black,Clear,White
    20 LEZPC-8661A Φ31.2*0.65mm Black or Clear
    21 LEZPC-8640A Φ33.5*0.6mm Black or Clear
    22 LEZ-8685A Φ34*0.65 Black or Clear
    23 LEZPC8662A Φ35.5*0.65mm Black or Clear
    24 LEZPC-8617A Φ56*1.2mm
    25 LEZPC-8619A 18.4*18.4*0.5mm Square
    26 LEZ-8664A 22.8*22.8*0.6 Black or Clear
    27 LEZ-8665A 24.8*24.8*0.6 Black or Clear
    28 LEZ-8666A 26*26*0.6 Black or Clear
    29 LEZ-8667A 29.7*29.7*0.6 Black or Clear
    30 LEZPC-2004A 44.6*44.6*0.53mm
    31 LEZPC-2003A 59*59*0.73mm
    32 LEZPC-8542A 62*30*1mm



    Product Customization Production Process: 


    Welcome to Dongguan Lianzhen Optoelectronics Tech Co., Ltd.

    Main products cover T8 LED tube housing,LED batten fittings,LED tri-proof light fixtures,LEd linear light parts,LED panel aluminum frmae,and all kinds of PC,PMMA,plastic profiles,like round shape and other customized profiles,we are specilized in mold design.

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